12 Favorite Moments of Osheaga 2014

Being back at work on the Monday following an intense and exhausting weekend spent at Osheaga has its positives, where you get to rub in people’s faces the amazing time you had and interesting stories you’re allowed to share, for at least a day or two.

Here are my 12 favorite moments of Osheaga 2014, no particular order, which I’ve been playing on repeat for the past couple of days:

1. Finally understanding the chemistry between July Talk frontman and frontwoman, because the idea of using the extreme opposite of his and her voice doesn’t come out as clearly on the album as it does on stage. As much as the voices are interesting, the true concept lies in having 2 leaders, fighting for our attention, whose chemistry is off the charts.

2. Witnessing the more mature crowd present at the Hospitality show, which gave me faith that music festivals aren’t exclusively for crowd drawing pop stars and their obnoxious fans. Please believe when I tell you there are still music lovers out there.

3. Seeing the Sam Roberts Band, because Sam Roberts, and Sam Roberts Sam Roberts Sam Roberts.

exclaim.ca, Sam Roberts Questionnaire

4. Being called a Gambino Girl by Childish Gambino. Yes, he personally labelled me. I’m still not quite sure how seriously he takes his rapper persona, or how seriously we should, but it’s been quite fun up to now.

5. Dancing my ass off as soon as Outkast took the stage, because they delightfully started the show with B.o.B. (Bombs over Baghdad)

6. Leaving the Modest Mouse show with the feeling that Isaac Brock doesn’t completely hate us all.

7. Realising that Nick Cave was the one who’s voice scared the shit out of me as a kid in the movie Scream, and loving every moment of his intense and sometimes terrifying performance.

8. And on that note, enjoying the hell out of a day I didn’t especially look forward to in comparison to the rest of the weekend.

9. The whole Portugal. The Man‘s musical surprise filled performance, but most specifically their tribute to Charlie’s Day Man song from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. A staple of the hilarious, fucked-up and beloved show.

10. Being a gipsy punk for an hour.

11. Ending the weekend with Lykke Li because she is magical and weird. Surprisingly enough, or not, considering Arctic Monkeys were closing off the festival on the main stage (not cool Oshe!), the audience was rather small, subdued, and a welcomed change from the chaos of the entire weekend. Perfect.

12. And probably the best feeling of all: drinking beer all day, guilty free, three days in a row. What a rock star I am.

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