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An Alternative Christmas

Are you too cool for Yule? Do you think retro Christmas sweaters are SO last Christmas? If so then this is for you, a list of festive songs that don’t automatically shove sugar coated candy canes, marshmallow worlds and red…

Adventures In Organic Vegetable Boxes: Week 1

As an effort to eat more vegetables and have access to local produce I have signed up for an Organic Vegetable Box delivery program. Stay tuned as I try new recipes with the ingredients and attempt cooking with new ingredients.

Best Brunch in Toronto’s West End

Toronto has a plethora of brunch places. As I’ve recently immigrated to West of Dufferin it’s taken me a little while to find the best brunch without having to wait in any painful lines. Let me share with you my findings

Five Records to Eat Before Lunch

The only real difference between the pretentious, holier than thou reviews past and this one is the fact that I’ve thread the eye of the needle with a narrative. Take that out and you’re still left with a smattering of poorly placed furniture in a room that only I could find comfortable and therein lies the essence and structure of any artistic evaluation.