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Give Toronto’s Female MCs the Mic

A review of the history of Drake’s influencer on Toronto’s MC scene and reflect on the lack of female MC’s being highlighted, while showcasing some of our top picks.

North by Northeast, NXNE, Yonge Dundas Square Crowd, Ludacris

Music City Alliance May Need To Proceed With Caution

Tears run down the painted faces of three young girls; their mood in contrast with the neon pink and green glow sticks that complete their on-stage attire.  This is the saddest memory of the music industry gone wrong that the…

That time I tried Muay Thai Kickboxing and got out of my #ComfortZone

In light of our whole team getting out of their comfort zones and trying something new – I tried kickboxing, something that I had always wanted to try. Not the cardio-focused, normal gym kick boxing but Muay Thai, martial arts, Kickboxing. This means your training with the pro’s who actually fight each other. Not doing random kicks to Madonna songs. Not that I’m against one or the other.