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Talking to HUMANS

We interview HUMANS on the release of their latest EP, Noontides, and learn the method to their madness.

Dear Diary: Toronto Has a Case of Nostalgia

October 15, 1998 Dear Diary, I’m in my room listening to Adam’s Song and I feel really sad. I’m crying and you can probably see the tear marks on the page cause their really big. The reason I am sad…

Geary’s Anatomy

Geary Avenue: an example of the diversity factor Jonah Lehrer observed as necessary for creative community development in his book Imagine: How Creativity Works. Get to know those who are helping the street’s transformation in subtle ways.

The Top 15 of ’14

As a year of fresh and exciting music comes to a close, Ned weighs in on the best albums of 2014.

That Summer Feeling: Best Albums of Summer 2014

Mixing great music with the right seasons is an art, and the bands that can fit a album’s sound into one season add a whole other layer to the experience of listening. Cosy sounds like the Arctic Monkeys’ Humbug heat up the cold winter days…

Bahamas Release New Album: Bahamas is Afie

Stop everything you’re doing. Bahamas is letting you stream their new album. One of my favourite local Toronto bands, I once heard Bahamas described as “kind of like Jack Johnson, only good.” This light soul soothing music is perfect for chilling…