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About Sky Regina

Pet Peeves: Inappropriate clothing for the weather; sweaty palms; smartphone attention span; leaving the empty ice tray on the counter; left-lane escalator standers; half-assed hugs.

Reason for Living: Choreographing elaborate dance routines in my head as I listen to music on public transit.

Dream Job: That job where you get paid infinity dollars to travel the world and eat all the food.

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land – A Review

Going into the viewing of the documentary Gary Numan: Android in La La Land, I knew nothing of the rock star in question. I’d read up on the doc and knew only that he was a British electronic musician from…

NU Staff’s Guide to Summer Drinks

Feeling parched this summer? Itchy, dry mouth got you down? Never fear – our staff has rallied to create a one-of-a-kind list of Slammin’ Summer Cocktails to moisten your palette. Bottoms up!

Dear Diary: Toronto Has a Case of Nostalgia

October 15, 1998 Dear Diary, I’m in my room listening to Adam’s Song and I feel really sad. I’m crying and you can probably see the tear marks on the page cause their really big. The reason I am sad…

Staff Picks: TR/ST #NakedSky

Toronto based electro-Goth band TR/ST (formerly known as Trust) is a murky and twisted one-man band on arts & crafts and is led by Winnipeg native, Robert Alfons. Originally, TR/ST was a team effort that included the musical stylings of…

What is Toronto’s Food Identity?

There’s no denying that Toronto is a food-loving city immersed in diversity and gastronomic fusion. The very basis of our food culture lies within the fact that you can go for a five-minute walk downtown and have your choice of…