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Dave is a contributing writer at NU. To him, writing about music, culture, and current events in Toronto is a natural aphrodisiac. He enjoys rock and roll, good literature, and PBR. Follow the madness @_davidstuckey.

A Recap of Indie88’s Birthday Party @ Opera House

This past Saturday marked Indie88’s one-year birthday party, which the station celebrated with a sold-out shindig at the Opera House. We came for the paper party hats, but stayed for Lowell, The Darcys, and Dan Mangan + Blacklist, who supplied the night’s soundtrack, delighting both hardcore hipsters and casual fans alike.

Beach Raving at Cherry Beach’s Promise Party

A shirtless gentleman wearing too many glowing bracelets smirks at me as I emerge bewildered from a sweaty crowd of dancers onto an unlit, tree lined bike path. It’s the mainline connecting Cherry Beach proper to the wooded enclosure that…